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    LAND’s team is highly capable and multidisciplinary in application, approach and decision-making which makes our team unique. We deliver only what we determine are value added solutions that are inclusive and directed by the needs of our clients.  

    Tyra Oldham, PhD, MBA

    President & CEO   

    As a recognized business professional and educator in Sustainable Solutions, Business Development, Alternative Energy and Green. Tyra Oldham has been Able to convey complex ideas within projects, organizations, non-profits, manufacturing, construction, product and business development.  As President of LAND sds, she demonstrates a Strategic area of expertise within Leadership, Energy Efficiency, Lean, Material and Project Management, Operations, Multidisciplinary Integration, Process, Design, Development, and Organizational Effectiveness. 

    Dr. Tyra Oldham's BioAbbreviated Bio and Tyra Oldham About Me


     Dr. Dee Carter

    Chief Management Officer  






    LAND sds is certified woman owned and SBE, MBE, and WBE firm.