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"Organizes & Communicates for a Sustainable World"

About LAND sds

LAND sds is strategy management consulting firm that delivers sustainable solutions to private sector and to public sector entities.  Not only does LAND produce organizational change but LAND also generates an energy efficient footprint that results in profitability for our clients. 

Our method to sustainable solutions is the following:  

Knowledge Management

Content Architecture




Rapid Quality Implementation


Technology & Full Service Management

Research & Analyses


Our organization utilizes an advisory and application capacity to produce sustainable solutions. Let LAND support and develop a sustainable solution for your operations, systems, ecosystems, supply chain, projects, teams, and partnerships.   

LAND sds is considered to be the following:

        Sustainability Consultants

        Green  and Energy Consultants


        Systems Engineers


        Producers of Organizational Development & Change

        Project Managers

LAND sds Delivery Method:

LAND sds addresses sustainable solutions through a multidisciplinary process for successful outcomes: 

Managing The Flow of Information


Data Capture

Identifying Culture

Implementing Quality Controls

Sustainable Synthesis

Project Management

LAND considers all stakeholders and all aspects of the business model including the natural and the bureaucratic environment to impel quality, efficiency and lean for sustainability, productivity and profitability! Let LAND sds be your sustainability partner.

OFFICE HOURS: Contact LAND sds at 01+513.617.9464 from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST to suport international engagements and varied time zones.

LAND sds is certified woman owned and SBE, MBE, and WBE firm.   


LAND’s team is highly capable and multidisciplinary in application, approach and decision-making which makes our team unique. We deliver only what we determine are value added solutions that are inclusive and directed by the needs of our clients.  

Tyra Oldham, PhD, MBA

President & CEO   

As a recognized business professional and educator in Sustainable Solutions, Business Development, Alternative Energy and Green. Tyra Oldham has been Able to convey complex ideas within projects, organizations, non-profits, manufacturing, construction, product and business development.  As President of LAND sds, she demonstrates a Strategic area of expertise within Leadership, Energy Efficiency, Lean, Material and Project Management, Operations, Multidisciplinary Integration, Process, Design, Development, and Organizational Effectiveness. She is responsible for building a company that delivers green results through integrating business management, development and IT solutions. Tyra has created name recognition for LAND sds and increased global awareness of green sustainability through delivering presentations to small businesses and fortune 500 companies on the importance and cost effectiveness of going grey to green. Most recently she addressed her peers at the 2010 World Green Symposium. With a focus of delivering low cost solutions, Tyra’s management style has been to provide business consultancy in globalization, client management, organizational development, operations and infrastructural support. 

Tyra’s career includes leadership roles in the auto, engineering and transportation industry, where she managed Tier I supplier relations to promote, produce and develop women and diverse owned businesses. She specialized in supplier/buyer engagement to increase the diverse footprint across all buying groups. 

Dr. Tyra Oldham's BioAbbreviated Bio and Tyra Oldham About Me

Dr. Dee Carter

Chief Management Officer  

Dee Carter has provided close to two decades of medical experience that spans a variety of disciplines. She is most known for her eloquent and compassionate style of articulating scientific and technical data with ease.  Dee is currently known for her detailed oriented processes and bottom line improvements to the marketing strategy of LAND sds. 

Her business career developed from a rare path.  Dee practiced medicine for eight years, delivering personal care and attention to her patients, medical lectures to residents and always searched for additional ways to improve the health and wellness of others.  Her goal was to eventually use her knowledge of medicine in the marketing arena. She felt the best way to gain this experience was to work with a leading pharmaceutical company.  In Sales & Marketing, she developed new corporate alliances and leveraged relationships to exceed quarterly and annual sales quotas, contributing to the growth of sales well beyond $8 million.

As one who leads by example and believes every team is as strong as its weakest link, Dee was voted MVP by her peers. This recognition was a testament to the dedication, strong work ethic and pivotal leadership skills she exemplified. Leveraging an ever-expanding portfolio of qualifications has enabled her catapulted this new company into the green energy and sustainability market.     


LAND sds supports Breast Cancer Awareness



Disclaimer: LAND sds does not endorse any and all of the topics covered under Green Intel. LAND sds is providing global green information for our viewers. LAND seeks to provide strategic intelligence. (2010-2013)