Hiring a Consultant Considering Sustainability
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 12:01AM
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Published April 10, 2013

by Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds


Consulting is a mixed artistry profession that requires leadership on topic, industry and mastery of mind, systems and organizational structuring. Consultants have been given a bad name over time -charlatan. These names derived from the internal pressure consultants manage daily to gain, maintain and sustain client's satisfaction. Often consultants are hired to parrot the client's wishes providing a mimicry of the data versus exposing the beauty in the data to rudder changes. The better solution is to embrace the data and let it have meaning in driving leadership and stewardship.

Today, with the massive amounts of data (Big Data) and companies engaging in broad stroke requirements, consulting is more important in the initiation of strategy, organizational change and development, planning, and implementation. Consultants as third party professionals performing drill down analyses are hired to clarify and justify. When freed from constraints, consultants can unleash mastery, becoming a creative disruptive force aiding in the production of quality, lean, profitability and sustainability.

Sustainability Consultants can identify risk-reward-value within practice, process, performance and/or policy. When companies operate from their internal hard drive or mental models their analyses can be myopic, granular and leading. The constrained data will lead companies down a rabbit whole of fantasy, and ill prepared to manage change and disruption. Consultants with mastery are artists, operating on an organization, a subject and/or a product canvas constructing a unique voice for the client. Clients can choose to hire a surgeon or a therapist, one cuts deep and the other performs surface solutions.

Suggestive sustainable consulting criteria:

When consultants embrace new models and support capacity building the framework of consultation changes producing profitability and sustainability. It is the role of the sustainability consultant to open doors for their clients in this intelligence age and big data world.


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