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    LAND sds your "Strategy Management Consutling Company"




    LAND sds Google Chase Mission Street Grant

    November 4, 2013

    LAND sds staff 


    The Google Chase Mission Main Street Grants are seeking businesses to support and fund for 2014. The collaboration of Google and Chase through the social media connectivity of Facebook is delivering "$3 million to help 12 small businesses make it big" grant. Businesses need two of the three capitals to deliver on mission and vision: 1) economic, 2) social, and 3) intellectual capital to be sustainable and produce impact.

    The grant application closed October 31, midnight to all applicants and LAND sds is an entrant in pursuing the Google Chase Mission Main Street Grant to expand the sustainability outreach mission that was visioned by Tyra Oldham, ceo and founder.

    This grant is one tool and portal that we endeavor to produce sustainable impact.  We saw a need for sustainability, smarter systems and identified a niche to integrate environment, technology, systems for new ideas and processes as global demand for accessible and affordable energy, resources, food, technology and knowledge increase. LAND's focus on organizations and leaders to impart sustainable development by our consulting, strategy and engineering processes. Our unique interdisciplinary approach and nexus platform produces efficiency, savings, profit and productivity. 

    LAND stakeholders are committed to participate in their ecosystem to bring value to their most passionate space to support a sustainable world. We are involved in the development of children, vegetation, education, arts, open source cloud based technologies, business development and foods. Further, our news portal LANDsds Sustainable Voice supports and amplifies content, events, training, education on sustainability in energy, inclusion, investment, technology and leadership across disciplines. 

    The work we do is needed and our passion. LAND sds' focus is to "build a sustainable world." states Oldham. This grant is one way to model our work and expand our footprint.

    We are now seeking 250 Votes to be reviewed. This is social and entrepreneurial opportunity to share the work of businesses on the world stage seeking to make a difference in their ecosystem.

    LAND sds would like your vote. Go to this link and vote. You must have Facebook page to vote.


    About LAND sds. LAND sds is a multidisciplinary firm delivering strategy consulting management and solutions supporting business, government and public institutions for sustainability in an Intelligence Age. We provide enabled solutions "Organizing and Communicating a Sustainable World".


    LAND sds Honors The Day of the Girl

    October 11, 2013

    By Dr. Tyra Oldham, ceo of LAND sds


    LAND sds is honored to support the Day of the Girl. As a women charged in leadership, my abilities stem from a mother, father, family and community who allowed this girl to be strong and see value within myself. The celebration of girls is important day to honor as these girls grow to lead, innovate and bring knowledge to world.

    As we celebrate girls we honor the sustainability of our businesses, communities, ciites, our girls today and tomorrow!



    Government Shutdown a Wake Up Call to Small Business


    October 5, 2013

    Tyra Oldham, ceo, LAND sds


    The government shutdown is in its fifth day. The contraction of service  effects the supply chain of economy, social support and national public services. The shutdown big picture is the connectivity of small business to the government pipeline of contracts, support and intelligence.

    The shutdown has placed all reports on hold that provide strategic data. 

    The contracts, funding and grants from the U.S. government are economic drivers for small business. The governments' SBIR, Darpa, grants programs and more are the platforms for small business development. The services that the government outsources to small developing businesses are fuel centers of many small businesses.

    NBC reported, "How the ripple effects of the government shutdown might spread, day by day" and "Monday, Oct. 7: Sikorsky Aircraft of Connecticut, which sells helicopters to the Defense Department, says it will be forced to furlough 2,000 workers in Connecticut, Florida and Alabama."

    "Friday, Oct. 11: United Technologies, a major defense contractor, says it will be forced to furlough 4,000 workers at two of its companies, Pratt & Whitney and UTC Aerospace Systems. Sikorsky says it will furlough 1,000 more."
    "Saturday, Oct. 12: Football Saturday for the service academies: Army hosts Eastern Michigan, and Navy is at Duke. Those games are up in the air — but college football is such a moneymaker that private donors would probably step in. Private donations are covering the Oct. 5 games, and military officials say the NCAA, CBS Sports and United Airlines all offered to help."
    Last, to understand the domino is "Tuesday, Oct. 15: The final deadline to file your 2012 tax return, provided you got an exemption for the regular April 15 deadline. "
    The shutdown is not good for business but even worse for smaller concerns. Sustainability reveals that the ecosystem in which we work is based on robust activity on every level. When OEMs or Tier I's cease to grow or decide upon a pragmatic or conservative practices to operating, Tier II or III's contract and shrink. Moreover, when Tier II and III's evaporate there is collapse in innovation, jobs and businesses that feed the Tier I's.  


    Good business is great for everyone and the opposite hold true.



    LAND sds Sustainable Voice News Tops 500

    September 20, 2013

    Staff of LAND sds


    LANDsds Sustainable Voice News came out of the brain of Tyra Oldham, ceo of LAND sds to develop a news portal covering the nexuses in sustainability news from around the world. This week LANDsds Sustainable Voice News top 500 plus in content since it development in March.

    The need to provide news as a nexuses aids in the synergy and connectivity of content, energy, technology, renewables, economics, finance, architecture, construction, arts, education, resources, manufacturing, global impacts and infrastructure in sustainability.  We seek to make a difference in the multidisciplinary exploration of solutions, business intelligence and innovation for a sustainable world.

    "Sustainable Voice was important to me to deliver this portal. I am multidisciplinary and see the world through multivariate lens; therefore, there is a need to connect the dots more so, today than ever before as we live in a big data and global world that can silo us to overlook the linkages to effective decision-making and the consequences on the ecosystem and supply chain," states Dr. Tyra Oldham.

    Connecting the dots and building nodes for synthesis, efficiency and optimization can sharpen our analytics and business intelligence for sustainable vectors. 

    We wish to share the Sustainable Voice with everyone to explore the linkages and enable building a sustainable world. LAND sds is committed to sustainability and process improvements for better systems, social capacity building and development.

    Contact LAND sds to learn more about our products and services at




    LAND sds Honoring 911

    September 11, 2013


    It is with great honor that we at LAND sds commemorate this day and acknowledge the heroes, survivors and more so, those who lost their lives on this day. 

    We remember!


    Dr. Tyra Oldham New Book Release MBA Career Stories


    September 10, 2013

    Released by LAND sds


    The importance of collaborative efforts is a necessary tool considering economy, intelligence and technology.  The news from the desk of Tyra Oldham is the release of MBA Career Stories. The book was a collaborative effort providing inight into the stories of MBA Career professionals from around the world.

    The ability to access business stories from around the world is an asset to small, developing businesses and professionals. The new requirement for today's socioeconomic palate is the demand for professioanals with credentials.

    Oldham stated, "It was an honor to be among the stories led by Anne-Marie Yritys of Findland." She said stay tuned for her new book on sustainability that she is writing. She said, "I will complete this book by October 2013."