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    LAND sds Managing Sustainable Change

    Published April 5, 2013



    LAND sds' role in the ecosystem is to promote sustainability and sustainable conversion for organizational growth, profitability, quality and efficiency. The task to sustainability starts uniquely with the step toward considering meaning, implication and impact on the organization and supply chain.


    LAND sds supports organizations through our management of organizational change, feasibility, research, analyses and planning. These tools provide a structure, road map and acumen to the construction of a sustainable organization. The process is collaborative and reflective of the organization's culture.


    With this mission we have structured other services that fit distinctively within the mastery of sustainability. We look forward to serving and providing a level of intelligence, rigor and benefit that is exclusively ours to provide. Contact LAND sds to learn more on our strategy, management and consulting at




    Be Aware of How Green is Your Consultant

    By Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds, ceo



    I was just challenged on the greening of New Jersey and New York  by some world travelers an those in sustainability.  My response was that we cannot allow our eyes, smells and/or perception to dictate the effective or efficiencies of a nation, city or country  toward implementing sustainability.  The data (quantitative and/or qualitative) we derive is a better indicator of the answers. 

    "For many associations, “going green” can mean a number of things—from switching to energy-efficient light bulbs in common areas to installing solar panels to optimize the sun’s strength. As such, different communities place green practices and programming at different positions on their priority list. For the most part, the steps they take depend on funding, community interest, feasibility and other factors such as regulations."

      The Cooperator: The Co-op & Condo Monthly" discussed in the article "Green Pioneers" the importance of green professionals and my topic of "feasibility".

    Going green can be a maze or vegetative delight and despite your decision sustainable changes are aesthetically pleasing but may not be good decision-making. When going green the analysis must determine the first steps to sustainable future by developing a plan. Often, not an elaborate plan but steps to measure, validate an adopt efficiency changes as you act are critical. It is important to rely on a green consultant for aide.

    As Allan Samuels, president of Energy Squared, points out,

    "there are many opportunists that are “selling green,” but are not authorized to do so. “Since the economy experienced trouble, there have been many people who claim to be green professionals. Some of these people worked in retail or another job but now consider themselves to be green experts,” he says. “There are a lot of products that claim to save energy, associations and buyers have to be careful because there a lot of gimmicks out there. When some people say they are going green, they are simply referring to the color of money.”

    "Leading the pack is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), which consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods."

    Yes, LEED  is one alternative but do not be short sighted, LEED credentials does not indicate  you understand the dynamics of environment, building and/or ecosystems to produce sustainability. Again, great is not a certification but a mastery.

    "It’s important to note that there are levels to LEED certification. For example, a LEED Green Associate denotes basic knowledge and skill in practicing green design, operations and construction."

    "Co-op and condominium boards are getting the message that green is not only good for the environment, it is also good for the balance sheet. “Particularly in New York City there is a lot of growing awareness about going green,” says Marc Zuluaga, P.E., vice president and director of Multifamily Energy Services for the New York-based energy consulting firm Steven Winter Associates. “Major benefits include reduced operating costs, mitigation of risks associated with energy commodity fluctuations, improved reliability of equipment, improved comfort and improved indoor air quality and resident quality of life.”

    "While associations and boards might want to go green, the city is not giving all of them a chance, explains Zuluaga. New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP) targets energy efficiency in large existing buildings. The GGBP was designed, in part, to ensure that information about energy is provided to decision-makers and that the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures are pursued. "

    It is important to keep your mind and eyes open for efficiencies and those companies that can lead to operational effectiveness and last, artists. There are times for skill craft, engineers and artists in the field. Be aware of what you need and have an initial plan to start your inquiry.  One may need a combination of all to get to a sustainable advantage. In the end sustainability and green must be enabled.


    Climate Change Consideration



    Dr. Tyra Oldham, CEO of LAND sds, August 17, 2012


    Climate Change is under scrutiny. It is obvious and documented that this has been the hottest on record in the United States causing extreme drought and infrastructural destruction from the shifting temperature changes. The National Public Radio reported the story " Climate 'Weirdness' Throws Ecosystems 'Out Of Kilter'".

    The story,

    "Science journalist Michael Lemonick doesn't want to be a doomsday prophet, but he does want to be realistic about the threat of climate change. "Since I started writing about climate change all the way back in 1987, we've known what the cause is, we've known what the likely outcome is, and we've had time to act — and essentially we haven't acted," he tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies."

    "Lemonick is the co-author of a new book, Global Weirdness: Severe Storms, Deadly Heat Waves, Relentless Drought, Rising Seas, and the Weather of the Future.The book, published by the nonprofit research organization Climate Central, details the effects of climate change and greenhouse gases in ocean acidity, existing ecosystems, disruptions to food supply and rising sea levels. Lemonick says sea level has risen by about eight inches overall worldwide since around 1900, and the waters are expected to rise an estimated three feet by 2100."

    The impact of climate change is a political, environmental and scientific hot button. The impact of climate change will continue to have impact on the economy, commercial enterprise and infrastructure. The importance is to relay a message that produces proactive decision-making across system platforms to determine methods of readiness, response and management as temperature continue to trend toward extremes. It will be necessary for cities, countries and commercial enterprises to plan for efficiencies. Analysis and feasibility is necessary to determine the future impacts on operations.


    LAND sds sustainable green strategy and consulting firm.


    Clark Fork Plunges Into Wastewater Study




    Clark Fork finally took the plunge and decided to allow a wastewater study to evaluate the possibilities of creating a sustainable system for their community. According to Bonner County Daily the article "Clark Fork council approves wastewater study" the council’s decision was finalized by a vote of 3 in favor and 2 against.

    There were still some concerns but:

    “The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality each awarded the city $30,000 to hire Taylor Engineering to perform the research.”

    “Council member Harold Hilton questioned what would happen if there were overruns in costs associated with the study and whether the city would then be liable and was assured that Taylor Engineering bid the project at $60,000 and they would be responsible for any additional expenses.”

    It took the council 3 years to vote on starting the study process. Clark Fork hasn’t considered re-evaluating their wastewater management since their last feasibility study in the late 1960s, and back then they voted against any alterations.

    "LAND sds encourages feasibility and analytics first before any project. The risk-return is managed when third party analysis is performed," said, Dr. Tyra Oldham, ceo of LAND sds.

    Times have changed and green technology provides more efficient, sustainable possibilities in construction, Next Generation Construction. Professionals like Dr. Tyra Oldham of LAND sds provide guidance and create designs that have helped a variety of companies to understand and integrate energy efficient plans into facilities that prove ROI. Clark Fork is being given an opportunity to propel its wastewater plant towards a greener future. Let’s hope they don’t take another 3 years to ponder.


    Jennifer Shockley, July 2, 2012

    Contact LAND sds at


    Kentucky Company Proposes Sorghum for Ethanol



    In order to create Ethanol corn is used.  With government subsidies  given to farmers growing corn for use in ethanol there has been a dramatic increase in ethanol production.  Farmers are systematically turning away from other crops (including corn for human and animal consumption) and choosing the government backed ethanol corn.  Now, there is a new option according to the article, “Company Promotes Sorghum for Ethanol Production", on West Kentucky’s University’s public radio station’s Website.

    Kentucky company, Southeast Biofuels, wants to encourage farmers to grow Sorghum as a corn alternative for ethanol production.  As the article explains,

    “Southeast Biofuels wants to develop a processing unit that can fit on a tractor trailer, so farmers could someday produce their own fuel on the farm. Company officials told lawmakers that no funding is available at this point for the development of such units, which could produce about 250 gallons of sorghum ethanol per day.  They maintain that it’s not hard to produce ethanol from sorghum and they believe the idea is worth pursuing. They estimate about 700 gallons of ethanol can be produced from an acre of sweet sorghum.”

    The company has a steep and difficult road to travel to see mass adoption of their idea although noble. Ethanol production is a multi-million dollar industry.  The process of conversion from corn seed to finished product  will be near impossible for Southeast Biofuel to divert funds to sorghum.  With that said, it is not impossible. 

    "In every industry innovative ideas such as this one exist the opportunity is in the upfront structural anlaysis of the deal and roll out determining feasibility and ROI," states Dr. Tyra Oldham, ceo of LAND sds a sustainable green strategy and consulting firm. 

    For companies wishing to explore lesser-known sustainability options we encourage them to contact Dr. Tyra Oldham with LAND sds.  As a green consultant she is knowledgeable of innovations in many industries and works hard to create customized sustainability plans for her clients.


    Catherine Lamsfuss, June 28, 2012


    Sustainable Face Lifts the New Trend for Aging High Rises



    Technology is constantly changing and through some innovative progressions in the building industry new construction high-rises are built, today, with enormous thought put into energy efficiency.  The same cannot be said for the high-rises of yesterday.  Since they cannot be torn down and replaced they must be upgraded as a recent Daily Commercial News and Construction Record  article, “How to Renovate Energy-Guzzling Tall Buildings?” explains.

    The article points to a success story to demonstrate the significance of renovation:

    “Office giants like First Canadian Place and the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe towers of the TD Centre were “extraordinary buildings” in their time but the building envelopes don’t measure up by today’s standards, points out (Douglas Birkenshaw, principal, B+H Architects). The TD Centre’s Royal Trust Tower shows a 50 per cent heat-loss reduction per linear metre from the building envelope upgrade, the addition of solar blinds and interior HVAC retrofits.”

    With so many aging structures dotting the cityscapes of the world’s major metropolises it is no surprise that such renovations are catching on.  As the article points out it is not just a matter of responsibility on the part of the building owners and a obligation toward sustainability.  Rather, it is a cost-efficient necessity.  There are many ways that aging buildings can be retrofitted with sustainable alternatives and those wanting to research the topic should contact Dr. Tyra Oldham with LAND sds for feasibility and green consultation (  Dr. Oldham has years of experience consulting those in the construction industry in startegic sustainable thinking and is an expert in retrofit and such renovations.

    Catherine Lamsfuss, June 11, 2012