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    LAND sds Introduces Green Briefing Service Solutions

    Witten by, Darricka Carter

    LAND sds is green energy sustainable engineering company providing project development, management and solutions in energy, energy efficiency and sustainable applications including waste conversion, utility reduction, resource optimization and recycling.

    The firm has an established and proven methodology that delivers pragmatic solutions for enhancing the sustainability of environmentally and financially sound business processes. Our method is multidisciplinary in analysis, process and delivery. LAND sds has manufacturing, construction, material management, lean and engineering background that sets us apart.

    A common theme in our approach is to integrate environment, energy and technology to produce continuous improvement. Watchwords for our work include lean, pragmatic, and client centric.

    Within any complex organization, anyone can point to specific engineering procedures and say, “We need to improve efficiency and increase knowledge to remain competitive.” The problem becomes exactly what information or knowledge is going to deliver a return on investment and not have an adverse impact on interdependent systems. In our experience, what looks like a standalone solution can often have “hidden dependencies”. The result is that a change in Process A can have an unexpected impact on Process Z.  LAND sds Green Briefing Process (copyright)

    LAND sds is providing “green briefings” to support organizations and individuals understanding the impact of green as an industry and an expanding sector. LAND understands knowledge is key to effective decision making. The importance of providing green briefings is identify key strategic information that is delivered comprehensively to support the development of green across the organization’s leadership, teams, infrastructure and supply chain.

    Our approach focuses on delivering key green and sustainable information that provide insight into industry standards, operations, technologies, events and solutions that can support areas of need, gaps and/or increase dialogue within and across departments on “greening up” that can deliver concrete benefits. In the initial meetings before the briefing areas of knowledge are identified and prioritized for the organization.

    Contact LAND sds.


    The Cost of Not Using Clean Energy

    Written by, Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds

    The cost of not converting and moving projects and development to sustainable and green is reproducing less than positive output and increased costs to the life of project or development, environment, utility, pollution, carbon, and processes.

    It is hard to make changes when the results are not clear and as predictable as past methods. Innovation, change and adoption comes out a need for based on demand, environment, culture and economy.

    Jeff Siegel offered the following, “One of the biggest arguments against clean energy alternatives is that they cost too much to integrate.  To those who continue to manufacture this lie, I offer a hearty no (rephrasing). Your argument is bogus and is facilitated by high-priced lobbyists who buy lawmakers as if...... Which of course, they are. Regardless, the high costs associated with our reliance on dirty, conventional energy sources dwarf the costs to transition our energy economy to one that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

    Sustainable conversion and energy alternative do not cost more they simply realign the methods and shift the thinking matrices to generate a set of new outcomes for the product, development or project.

    It is necessary that to effectively stay sharp and be the best within the toolbox, new tools are required such as metrics and standard. The use of metric tools does not cause an increase in cost in the U.S. standard world. The result is a shift in tools and applications that generate the similar results.

    Clean energy when utilized as a acceptable method cost will be absorbed as the other traditional costs are currently. Clean energy and sustainable methods I contend emphatically cost less and add value and drive results that support larger vision of any and every project.

    Sustainable and clean energy drivers roll out energy efficiency, resource optimization, waste reduction, cost reduction, operational work arounds, explore cause-and-effect factors, and reduce onset conditions for critical outcomes.

    Chellis Glendinning stated, “If we cannot envision the world we would like to live in, we cannot work towards its creation.  If we cannot place ourselves in it in our imagination, we will not believe it is possible.”


    Interview with a Green CEO- Myron J. Rivers USGBC Cincinnati

    LAND sds is bringing Green CEOs that offer leadership and perspective in the area of green, energy and sustainability. Myron J. Rivers is a green leader whose perspective is derived by leadership with small businesses, inclusion, marketing and now green.

    In speaking with Myron J. Rivers, Executive Director of the USGBC Cincinnati shared that the USGBC Cincinnati primarily functions as a resource to companies and individuals who are interested and committed to a prosperous and sustainable future in our community through cost-efficient and energy-saving buildings.

    Green can succeed with wise stewardship and leaders who can manage complex ideas to support the integration of green into society.

    To learn more on Myron J. Rivers and the USGBC click here.


    Hong Kong Is Generating a Sustainable Community

    Photo by Tyra Oldham

    Written by, Dr Tyra Oldham

    LAND sds

    Hong Kong is a city interspersed with culture, history, contemporary and vegetative architecture creating a functionality and socio-economic fusion. The city is dense and populated pushing vertical development and strategic transportation models to gel with live, work and play.

    Hong Kong consists of 235 islands with only roughly 20 inhabited. The city has propulsion and yet, maintains sustainable applications that support their highly populated city.

    Hong Kong has found ways to develop sustainable applications that lead to economic, environmental and socio-economic development.

    Sustainable Development, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region states, “In other words, the concept of sustainable development requires a change of mindset to bring about full integration of the needs for economic and social development with that to conserve the environment. It also requires the Government and all sectors of the community to work hand in hand in order to achieve a sustainable future for Hong Kong.”  

    Image by Tyra OldhamA green and sustainable eco-environment is promoted through policy, business, government, combined with socio-economic integration to build sustainable cities and communities.

    In traveling through Hong Kong it was observed to have the following sustainable indicators: 

    • Clean city consisting of clean thoroughfares and pedestrian areas
    • Orderly processes
    • Vegetatively abundant and integrated
    • Balance of beauty and living styles
    • Use and functionality of a large population within small land mass
    • Adaptability to land density, water and air through vertical integration
    • Use of community autonomy to deliver on business, food and family needs
    • Use of community messaging that synthesizes goals and actions
    • Use of government and business communication that supports and manages development
    • Green is integrated functionally and aesthetically within the infrastructure
    • Continual maintenance and hygienic support of high occupancy and public facilities
    • Promotion of sustainable neighborhoods that support its citizens of varied economic stature
    • New and historic architecture is integrated wholly and aesthetically within the city
    • Use of natural materials in construction and development
    • Safety and advanced protocols on vehicles and transportation  

    Cities that seek green and sustainable solutions to confront the issues of environment, pollution, population, technology, biodiversity and development to produce live-work situations can generate economic outcomes for healthier living.

    These cities will not be achieved without some pain or inviting innovation that challenges the way of ole’. The world needs new cities that support it citizens, biodiversity and environment. It will not be achieved without sacrifice and forethought. Our cities are at the tipping point prone to either to change and grow or demise.

    Hong Kong revealed a plan and a blue print for sustainable cities and communities.

    It is said by Sustainable Living Hong Kong, “But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Resorting to unconventional means is a reflection that the conventional no longer works.  People don’t use extreme methods as a first choice.  Give people a reasonable means to raise concerns, and they will, in most cases, take it. Witness functioning democracies around the world.

    Sustainable cities can be advanced and engineered without over inflating budgets, resources and intelligence. Cities need sustainable green integrators that support sustaianble urban planning  such as, LAND sds who model, integrate, design and develop sustainable projects, cites and facilities that are environmental, energy efficient and resource optimized.

    It is often hard to shift from one system to another. The goal is to find and secure collaborators that help achieve overall wins for all.

    Hong Kong has achieved some sustainable successes through collaboration. The goal is to adopt some the skills of others to generate successes globally that are replicable and sustainable.

    Board of Directors governing the MA process on March 2005 stated, “Better protection of natural assets will require coordinated efforts across all sections of governments, businesses, and international institutions. The productivity of ecosystems depends on policy choices on investment, trade, subsidy, taxation, and regulation, among others.

    Read more on  Living Beyond Our Means: Natural Assets and Human Well-being



    SEED 2020

    LAND sds, March 21, 2011

    Written by, Mr. Ken Toth


    Dr. Tyra Oldham was honered by SEED 2020 for LAND sds Green Initiatives. LAND sds is a Green Energy Technology company provding green sustainable solutions to companies and organizations on green development and systems. LAND sds believes in the new revolution of technologies to build business in today's new marketplace and the new green sector.

    LAND sds blogs on green intelligence, clean energy and new technologies driven by sustainable innovation.

    Steve E. Arnold said, "Her new Web log focuses on environment friendly information. She told us that her site will be included in a blog distribution network." 

    Learn more about SEED 2020. 



    FedEx Goes Green with Data Center

    FedEx Data Center

    Congrats to FedEx on going green and creating a energy efficient data center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  FedEx is seeking to be the most reliable data center in the country.

    FedEx will undertake the job of moving its core systems from Memphis, Tennessee to Colorado Springs. This conversion is complex and requires a consider roll-up of services and roll-out or strategic requirements to prevent any systems from going offline.  

    The new system called, Enterprise Data Center-West (EDC-W) has multiple redundancies to maintain operations.  The solution to prevent breakdown is to operate with two separate utility substations that can be switched if a power outage occurs.  This does account for total power failure which is capable with the right points of failures and converging of complexities such as weather, high usage and more. The probabalistical occurrence of a power outage in today’s municipalities is strong and companies are ill advised to think energy is abundant.

    The next fail safe is the data center is backed-up by 2,000  batteries, which FedEx estimates can maintain the system at full operation for what they states as a “sufficient period of time at full load”. FedEx has employed eight onsite generators for the third wave of backup.  This sounds like a failsafe but there is a kink in the armor or crack in the dam.  The surges and shutoffs of any system causes reboot and shut down issues within the system.  The wave of any technology center in reality is to equip the internal staff to operate old school without technology and develop offsite support models and/or cloud computing to capture data in a secure encrypted environment to maintain services.  But at the end of the day without power there are failures. 

    FedEx reports that, “The EDC-W has a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.28, while an average data center has a PUE rating of about 2.5. A ratio of 1.0 would indicate perfect efficiency.”

    Kevin Humphries,  Senior Vice President of Information Technology, said, “The EDC-W represents a major milestone in our strategy to leverage advanced technologies for the benefit of our customers and to position FedEx for future growth,”. “We now have a technology model that, going forward, will improve productivity, enhance reliability and help reduce our impact on the environment.”

    Now, FedEx hit home on the energy efficiency and reduction in utility they will capture through moving to a less humid environment such as, Colorado Springs. This environmental change will contribute about 5,000 hours of “free cooling” during a normal year.  FedEx new facility is constructed with various innovations such as, variable frequency drives. The frequency drives will tweak the “amount of power consumed according to the level of demand.”

    FedEx wants to read more. Like what you see? Click here to sign up for Data Center Exchange weekly newsletter to get the latest vendor news and product announcements, technology breakthroughs and deployment trends. 


    LAND sds, Dr. Tyra Oldham, February 23, 2011