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    Hiring a Consultant Considering Sustainability

    Published April 10, 2013

    by Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds


    Consulting is a mixed artistry profession that requires leadership on topic, industry and mastery of mind, systems and organizational structuring. Consultants have been given a bad name over time -charlatan. These names derived from the internal pressure consultants manage daily to gain, maintain and sustain client's satisfaction. Often consultants are hired to parrot the client's wishes providing a mimicry of the data versus exposing the beauty in the data to rudder changes. The better solution is to embrace the data and let it have meaning in driving leadership and stewardship.

    Today, with the massive amounts of data (Big Data) and companies engaging in broad stroke requirements, consulting is more important in the initiation of strategy, organizational change and development, planning, and implementation. Consultants as third party professionals performing drill down analyses are hired to clarify and justify. When freed from constraints, consultants can unleash mastery, becoming a creative disruptive force aiding in the production of quality, lean, profitability and sustainability.

    Sustainability Consultants can identify risk-reward-value within practice, process, performance and/or policy. When companies operate from their internal hard drive or mental models their analyses can be myopic, granular and leading. The constrained data will lead companies down a rabbit whole of fantasy, and ill prepared to manage change and disruption. Consultants with mastery are artists, operating on an organization, a subject and/or a product canvas constructing a unique voice for the client. Clients can choose to hire a surgeon or a therapist, one cuts deep and the other performs surface solutions.

    Suggestive sustainable consulting criteria:

    • Support consultants to be given or have access to the data and hired with confidentiality.
    • Support client's to appreciate disruptive change and information.
    • Suggest consultants perform informed analyses to mitigate, negotiate and appreciate the customer's positionality.
    • Suggest clients digest intelligences across all platforms.
    • Suggest clients allow for sustainability integration for growth and profitability.
    • Support the allowance of risk-reward-value proposition analyses to drive tactical movements.
    • Support the development of the business case within the organization's ecosystem.

    When consultants embrace new models and support capacity building the framework of consultation changes producing profitability and sustainability. It is the role of the sustainability consultant to open doors for their clients in this intelligence age and big data world.


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    Discussing Nestle's CSR




    By Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds Sustainable Voice, March 19, 2013


    Companies such as, Nestle are delivering the “Nestlé Sustainability Report: 35% Direct GHG Emissions Reduction Targeted” read more on Nestle's targets at LAND sds Sustainable Voice and more.


    Learn more about LAND sds sustainable services for your company at


    Research on the Ability to Listen to the Sun




    Re-reported by Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds, January 29, 2013


    When we consider energy and sustainability the research directly related to the sun is relevant and related to a smarter planet and how it is managed. We reported the information from the Smart Planet which provided what "If we could hear the sun, what would it sound like?".

    The research indicated that, "We can’t hear the sun because sound waves can’t travel through the vacuum of space — they need an atmosphere, where they travel by creating changes in pressure."

    "Scott McIntosh of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and other scientists measured changes in the light waves that the sun emits and translated those changes into sound waves."

    "The light waves are a reflection of the giant waves of gas that travel inside the sun and burst to the sun’s surface. In the picture, you can see an ejection of material from the sun in the upper right corner."

    "The scientists measured the light by using a dopplergraph, an instrument mounted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory — one thing it can measure is the time it takes gas waves to travel through the sun. (SOHO was built in Europe under the direction of the European Space Agency and launched by NASA in 1995). According to McIntosh, the sound of the sun includes many different frequencies mixed together."

    To understand how we managed our planet assists in gaining optimal functionality as clean-energy is adopted. The information provided by researchers on the sun, wind and more can assist us to sustainable solutions and implementation. Moreover, research can guide us into understanding climate change and growth.


    Climate Change Not a Concern As the World Gets Warmer



    The world is warming up but climate change is no big deal according to Huffington Post’s  article Climate Change Concern Slipping as Scientists Ponder Link Between Recent Events.” There are more pressing concerns, like fire related environmental disasters and shale gas.

    The article tells us that climate change is not a critical environmental problem, but then states:

    “Some scientists  are connecting events such as the record heat and Colorado wildfires, suggesting warming is a real threat. The proof, what we're seeing really is a window into what global warming really looks like. It looks like heat. It looks like fires. It looks like this kind of environmental disasters."

    These issues sound pretty critical, and ‘warming’ indicates a climate change, doe it not? Perhaps that is why they moved on to disasters and drilling.

    Many states are considering utilizing shale gas. The industry has seen a decline over the past two years, perhaps due to their choice of drilling targets.  It seems providers have their sights fixed on probing for liquids in locations like parks, playgrounds and cemeteries with the latest being a 122 year old cemetery in east Ohio. Needless to say communities are not pleased with their preferences despite assurances that ‘nothing will be disturbed’.

    LAND sds  prefers to harness the power of business intelligence , knowledge management and analysis toward the power and use of renewable, clean and efficient energy rather than add noise where structure is required. Dr. Tyra Oldham  and LAND sds professionals design plans to utilize natural resources like solar and wind energy to move us towards an environmentally friendly, sustainable future.


    Jennifer Shockley, August 6, 2012

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    UK in Green Using Wave Power Site


    Tyra Oldham PhD, MBA

    January 12, 2012


    UK- The story from The Independent reported the “Government to run wave power site” to spur green development within the UK.” Business Minister Mark Prisk said: "As part of the transition to a green economy the Government is committed to developing clean energy sources including marine.”

    A hi-tech underwater "plug socket" that tests ways of producing energy from wave power has been taken over by the Government.”  The technology was under the defunct South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA), as other RDAs across the country was disbanded by the Government.

    “The Wave Hub was created as part of a plan to make Cornwall a centre of "green" technology development.”

    Now the UK in order to synergize economics and the environment, the wave hub is a positive sign in that direction. Green development in the UK is developing a green aptitude where they are investing in their commitment beyond the U.S.

    “The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) announced today that the running of the £42 million Wave Hub, on the seabed off the Cornish coast, will be taken over by a Government-run company at the start of 2012.”

    “The project, which lies 10 miles out to sea and is joined to the National Grid at Hayle, near St Ives, allows the testing of various experimental wave energy devices to gauge their effectiveness in producing electricity and supplying it to the network.”

    What a Wave Can Do

    The ability to capture wave energy is said to difficult, yet waves are constant flow of energy when harnessed. The ability to capture  highly volatile source is an could be classified as a  risk but the ability could net new discoveries of managing energy forces that could assist in the understanding of wind and solar fluctuations. LAND sds would classify Wave technology under the hydroelectric sector. Alternative Energy states that, “Wave energy is produced when electricity generators are placed on the surface of the ocean. The energy provided is most often used in desalination plants, power plants and water pumps. Energy output is determined by wave height, wave speed, wavelength, and water density.” Waves could teach us to understand the capacity of power, flow, propulsion and rhythms of energy.

    More wave power development