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    LANDSDS Speaks Again

    September 15, 2017

    By Tyra Oldham


    It is great to be back after a long hiatus. Content and sharing innovation, sustainable, green and construction news is important to the mission and vision of LANDSDS

    We look forward to sharing news with our previous followers and invite new readers to our new Website and blog. We want to thank all the people and companies whom in the past and currently reference the articles posted.

    We are committed to delivering news and editorials, as well as bringing a new look and more to you.


    How to Identify Corporate Responsible Companies in the New Economy

    Written by, Dr. Tyra Oldham

    How to Identify Corporate Responsible Companies in the New Economy

    The new economy, environmental change, energy demand and waste have placed a spot light on companies to engage with corporate responsibility.

    When seeking a sustainable and corporate responsible company there are 8 factors to consider: 

    1. Identifiable Sustainability Plan. A sustainability plan incorporates the method, process and systems of how the company manages it resources, energy, and waste its impact on the environment.
    2. Corporate Sustainability Report. The CSR reports on the established standards, benchmarks and measures the company sets to gauge their impact on the environment, society and climate.
    3. Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Conversions. Corporate responsible companies respond to environment by producing energy efficient facilities that integrate energy management systems within their facilities to control utility usage, water and systems.
    4. Environmental Actions that are Measurable. Companies engaged in sustainability are dedicated to environmental change that produces a positive impact on the environment such as, planting, clean-up, building and/or producing systems that support healthy communities.
    5. Investment(s) in the Environment.  Sustainable companies use capital and reinvest back into the environment to reduce pollution, carbon footprint, waste or energy that effect population, food, energy, environment, climate, biodiversity and more.
    6. Social Interaction Promoting Positive Change. Companies as a part of their mission and vision identify specific values of interest to support, enhance or develop society, community, and environment or change world views.
    7. Dedicated Sustainable Agent. Companies that believe and are dedicated to a philosophy assign an agent, team or individual to manage, grow and support the effort effectively. This person has commitment of resources, and staff from the top such as, President, CEO, COO or Vice President.  New rollouts must have commitment from the leadership, organization and stakeholders to be successful implemented.
    8. President and CEO are Committed Sustainability. Last, the leadership of the organization will commit to the progress of sustainability and have written goals and measurements within their leadership’s plan. The leadership will convey their ideas of sustainability to the overall company and convey that that sustainability is a companywide focus for all. The leadership assigns budgets, resources, staff and time commitment for the implementation of sustainability throughout the organization, companywide.

    Identifying these key factors are the first steps in determining corporate and sustainable companies. Next, review the culture of the organization, their employee management, and the healthiness of the facility in which they operate. It is good for companies to source clients and partners that operate sustainably.


    Clean Energy has Power for Home Sales and The Real Estate Market

    Written by, Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds

    In speaking with many real estate professionals the industry has not collectively caught on to the power of clean energy and energy efficiency.  Green and energy efficiency can reshape and boost the real estate market by lowering utility costs that can be reinvested into the sale or inserted into the deal upfront.

    Green can add to the allure of older home and promote new sales. Builders and developers still engage in the previous development models, larger, open floor plans, peaked roofs and contemporary architectural styles without energy mastery for fear of losing the sale due to additional asks.

    In this period of development new and pre-existing homes will benefit from a sustainable model design equipped with clean energy, energy efficient and energy managed homes and buildings that generate more energy for less using wind, solar, geo thermal, and bio fuels and one day nuclear along with combined coal for electricity.

    Homeowners in California who invest in photovoltaic systems are netting up to 6.4 percent more in resale value for their homes than for similar homes sold without solar systems, according to a new study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

    "The irony is that we found that premiums were smaller for new home sales than for existing home sales, and the big question was why," he said. "In discussion with homebuilders, we surmised that PV is being used not to boost sales price but differentiate from other homes. The developers have a lot of money wrapped up in new homes, so if a relatively low-cost PV system will help it sell, they install it." “Based on analysis of 72,000 homes sold in the state, the study reported.  This premium sales price was slightly higher than the installation cost, the study determined: "These average sales   price premiums appear to be comparable to the investment that homeowners have made to install PV systems in California, which from 2001 through 2009 averaged approximately $5 per DC watt… homeowners with PV also benefit from electricity cost savings after PV system installation and prior to home sale."

    The research is proof even if skewed that green and clean energy can support developers and real estate market. The gap between home sales with PV can drive home owners to absorb new thinking model on what, and how of homes. Green development has a positive impact on the environment or net zero building. The USGBC should think this development a win for the cause of green.

    Homes and the market for green real estate can add value to the market while assisting consumers to save throughout their loan period. 

    Read more. PV systems in the study


    California Seeking to Lead in Clean Energy

    Coachella Wind FarmWritten by, Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds


    The importance of one state leading aver the others is infinitesimal in comparison to the national need for energy power.  Can one state lead in policy, reform and sustainable challenge to promote contiguous change across the states. It is not a state race but a national pace for positive change.

    With state economies in decline and possible bankruptcy the loss of revenue dollars, green clean energy can produce a green economy and jobs that are robust, as well as vital for a sustainable world economy. The leadership required to advance clean energy is that of a lion on the plains seeking food against the wild. The journey will be hard but the result is survival.  There is a need for sustainable leaders to guide the clean energy drive.

    "It's about California leading the country," Brown said.  The shift from coal and natural gas to renewable energy by means of cutting edge green technology will create jobs and jump-start the moribund economy.   As California Governor Jerry Brown provided what The Reporter called "a welcome Earth Day present" by signing clean-energy legislation days before Earth Day, renewable energy advocate Bernadette Del Chiaro called the law a "huge victory" for the environment.

    Los Angeles Times quoted Del Chiaro as saying, “The new law requires utilities to generate 33 percent of the energy they supply to California from renewable sources.” "California can power itself entirely on clean energy resources like wind, geothermal and solar power." Coachella with a billion dollars worth of windmills spinning at the west end of the valley, geothermal plants bubbling in the east and solar panels shimmering on rooftops...every day seems like Earth Day.

    The celebration of earth day everyday is sustainability.  The goal is to enable the states to effectively gravitate toward renewable clean energy without penalty is a better method of choice.  When states are given collective support to advance clean energy the nation can absorb the reason for for clean energy. The step is to enable adoption of clean, green and renewable energy that can generate sustainability for the nation and its citizens that will produce socio-economic growth short and long-term.


    Running the Race Toward Clean Energy

     Written by, Dr. Tyra Oldham

    The U.S. cannot move forward without a comprehensive energy plan. The necessary sustainable factor to the U.S. is to find comprehensive, innovative and systemic solutions to reduce oil and fossil fuel dependence.

    It is not plausible or conceivable to speak of removing the dependence of oil and fossil fuels within the next decade but, there must be goals set as if this is obtainable and viable to promote change and redirection toward clean energy

    The U.S. cannot rely on political entanglements and jousting to determine the future needs and capacity of energy required for sustainability.

    What we should not concede, however, is the need for the most aggressive possible push to get renewable energy on line. It should be our top national energy priority for many reasons, ranging from environmental protection to national security, and from economic vitality to social equity.

    President Obama's recent "Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future" is as close as he's come so far to issuing a comprehensive national plan for the transition to clean energy. I credit the president for understanding that energy efficiency and renewable energy are a practical, vital and near-term part of our national energy mix.

    It is time to acknowledge the contributions made in the name of energy, clean energy, and renewable development. The turn of the government to generate a plan that transcends political banter and push for the needs of the nation is a noble and arduous pursuit that only the brave can manage to win.

    David Foster, Executive Director for the BlueGreen Alliance, stated, "On a global level, the evolution toward a clean energy economy is well under way," he said. "It is unfortunate that the United States is falling behind."

    “It is time to decide what type of nation we are and to become!”



    Written by, Dr. Tyra Oldham- LAND sds


    We at LAND sds wish everyone a happy Earth Day.  It is our mission to "Build a Sustainable World" and on this day we are blessed to be a part of a new industry that can support the earth through consulting, developing and managing sustainability within LAND, Board, Advisors, Supply Chain and Customers.

    We wish you to consider the corporate and social responsibility to our largest customer, "The Earth". People ask about the LAND sds name, brand and what does it stand for as an acronym. The company was named for the "land" itself, because we work for, in and on land to build and drive sustainable solutions; therefore, the company name is LAND sds (sustainable development solutions) the original foundation.