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Conference Management Services

  • Services:  Conference Management, Sponsorship, Communication and Strategy
  • Payoff:  Execution and development of sponsorship and management. Produced and delivered sponsorship, client management to produce region wide participation in Green & Sustainability.

Energy Analyses and Advisor to Energy Project

  • Services:  Analyst, Advisor and Consultant
  • Payoff:  Produced budget, cost analysis, risk, value for energy mix roll out

Advisor to Architecture and Engineering Firm In Michigan

  • Services:  Advisor and strategic consulting services
  • Payoff:  Increased business and establish Federal opportunities

Project Management in Pharma Tech firm in New Jersey

  • Services: Project management and support for developing technology roll out in EMR's and market penetration
  • Payoff: Developed platform for project scope, roll out and costing

Project Manager for Big Data Integrator in Tennessee

  • Services: Manage client engagement, project scope and client requirements. Provide strategic consulting services for company growth
  • Payoff: Increased visibility that was instrumental in VC funding.   
Design solution for green project for Waste and Water Facility
  • Services: Designed and developed green development to implement environmental plan for plant
  • Payoff: Produced an environmental footprint to reduce carbon emissions for facility.
Project Manager and Liaison for Sustainable Program in Construction
  • Services: Provide contractor and supplier sourcing, training, project development and management within a citywide partnership.
  • Payoff: Produce trained companies that drive supplier relations within construction, city and corporate partners.