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    Envision Realty Services, Inc.

    Written by Dr. Tyra Oldham

    November 30, 2011

    The news release from eMail Wire announced “Envision Realty Services, Inc. Announces its 100 LEED Certification”.

    It is important to highlight green business and the contributions toward a greener world view.  One of these businesses is Envision Realty Services, Inc., who just recently “announced they received notification from the U.S. Green Building Council and GBCI that their 100th project has become LEED Certified, further solidifying their status as one of the largest full-service LEED Consulting companies in the nation.”

    Craig Sheehy, President and CEO, founded Envision in 2007 “specializing in existing buildings, though it has certified many new construction projects”.

    Sheehy stated,

    “When Envision certified their 50th LEED project, our goal is to have 100 projects LEED certified by this time next year. With 35 projects and approximately 14 million square feet currently in the process and another 70 projects in the pipeline, we feel confident we will meet our objective.”

    Envision has been in operation for four years. They determined within their fourth year that had surpassed their objective.   The company on November 18, 2011, was awarded their “103rd LEED certification”.

    The CEO stated,

    “Our philosophy has always been that operating green is both beneficial to the operating costs of a building as well as to the environment. The combination of those two factors is what sets up the opportunity to truly sustain a level of competitiveness in the market place. Our clients understand the value of that opportunity; when you’re ahead of the pack, you’re the leader. Our job is to assist building owners and managers achieve that goal."

    The company has established a nexus of water and energy savings for their clients.  Envision has established a system based on “20-week LEED submittal process” cycle that they “state produces the best life cycle cost impact with improved environmental performance.”