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    How to Identify Corporate Responsible Companies in the New Economy


    The new economy, environmental change, energy demand and waste have placed a spot light on companies to engage with corporate responsibility.

    When seeking a corporate responsible company there are 8 factors to consider:


    1. Identifiable Sustainability Plan. A sustainability plan incorporates the method, process and systems of how the company manages it resources, energy, and waste its impact on the environment.
    2. Corporate Sustainability Report. The CSR reports on the established standards, benchmarks and measures the company sets to gauge their impact on the environment, society and climate.
    3. Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Conversions. Corporate responsible companies respond to environment by producing energy efficient facilities that integrate energy management systems within their facilities to control utility usage, water and systems.
    4. Environmental Actions that are Measureable. Companies engaged in sustainability are dedicated to environmental change that produces a positive impact on the environment such as, planting, clean-up, building and/or producing systems that support healthy communities.
    5. Investment(s) in the Environment.  Sustainable companies use capital and reinvest back into the environment to reduce pollution, carbon footprint, waste or energy that effect population, food, energy, environment, climate, biodiversity and more.
    6. Social Interaction Promoting Positive Change. Companies as a part of their mission and vision identify specific values of interest to support, enhance or develop society, community, and environment or change world views.
    7. Dedicated Sustainable Agent. Companies that believe and are dedicated to a philosophy assign an agent, team or individual to manage, grow and support the effort effectively. This person has commitment of resources, and staff from the top such as, President, CEO, COO or Vice President.  New rollouts must have commitment from the leadership, organization and stakeholders to be successful implemented.
    8. President and CEO are Committed Sustainability. Last, the leadership of the organization will commit to the progress of sustainability and have written goals and measurements within their leadership’s plan. The leadership will convey their ideas of sustainability to the overall company and convey that that sustainability is a companywide focus for all. The leadership assigns budgets, resources, staff and time commitment for the implementation of sustainability throughout the organization, companywide.


    Identifying these key factors are the first steps in determining corporate and sustainable companies. Next, review the culture of the organization, their employee management, and the healthiness of the facility in which they operate. It is good for companies to source clients and partners that operate sustainably.