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Our initiatives drive our research and are the emphasis of national and global concerns addressing the demands of population, economy, energy, infrastructure, food, health and social justice within the world economy. These global issues are relevant to socioeconomic development, business, jobs and global sustainability. 

The following are initiatives of importance and are not to diminish the initiatives of others around the world. We ccelebrate in the coordination and collaboration of work to aid in the development of global sustainability:
  • Energy Mix - Energy is under great change where best fit solutions are being identified to meet growing demand for power. A robust energy culture is based on the integration of dynamic energy mix for long-term sustainability.  
  • Energy Legislation - Energy application and development is rooted in legislation undergirding the framework of energy application, production, development that is affordable and accessible.
  • Intellectual Zones - new technologies and communication to engage in new intellectual zones to conduct trade, data clusters and networks under security and free of cost.
  • Sustainable Cities - Development of cities engaged in energy, environment, economy, efficiency, ecology, economics, education and equity.
  • Global Sustainability - The importance of sustainability is a global necessity to manage the world's resources for long-term development, health and safety of its people, planet and practices to support the needs of today and tomorrow. 
  • Carbon Neutrality - Aiding in the successive development of reducing carbons through enabled integration  of energy efficiency, waste reductions and implementing green building practices that translate to netzero, continuous improvements in infrastructure, facilities and systems.
  • Women in Leadership - Developing inclusive models supporting equity, leadership and the development of women across culture, race, sectors, economics and education for fair wages and equity. 
  • Sustainable Agriculture - Access to food is vital to a sustainable nation. Many live in food deserts and some live without access to healthy foods. Sustainable agriculture changes communities for the long-term.
  • Inclusion - Supporting an inclusive work environment produces knowledge, innovation and opportunities for growth and economic development fostering a vibrant infrastructure, healthy families, business, jobs and sustainability. 
  • Data Migration and Networks - Global sustainability is enabled by access to data, education and knowledge though networks and grids to disseminate information. Data is exponentially increasing and without curation, structuring and definition the data remains ineffectual for the advancement of our civilization. Goal is data distribution and analyses to build bridges through advancing information.