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    The Green Entrepreneur  

    Wriiten by, Dr. Tyra Oldham

    By Dr. Tyra Oldham

    This is a refocus of the ‘Going Green and the Entrepreneur’ which shared the “expectation of businesses by numerous stakeholders - society as a whole, governments, employees, clients and customers - is that they operate in ways that are not harmful to the environment.”

    This may not be 100% possible but in today’s business environment the Green entrepreneur can promote systems, processes and methods that protect the environment and produce sustainable solutions that impact all aspects of doing business.   This method or mode of operating is a shift from its predecessors and how big business has achieved growth. It is possible to grow, make and be green.

    The article pointed out that there are “large scope and vast number of environmental issues and opportunities are staggering.” Most of the time the first things to consider are around energy efficiency and recycling which are now commonplace and are the basic applications in going green. 

    The bigger steps and are in considering the “green buildings, cleaning, design, procurement, marketing as well as environmental management systems, supply chains and water conservation.”  Green entrepreneurs considering these factors are at the beginning of the green model.

    The article states, “Where to start making a difference can at times be overwhelming, but it's certainly not impossible. Entrepreneurs are known for their innovation, new ideas, and creative thinking. This is probably one of the best groups to lead the way and make a significant impact on how businesses operate.”

    This is true! Green entrepreneurs are in many cases innovators and creative integrating systems of new and old into environmental, sustainable and energy technologies that produce solutions that better society.  We believe green entrepreneurs are “Innotechs” – innovative technologist that produce systems that overlay on top of current structures to produce new designs, processes, systems and outputs that produce efficiencies that may not currently exist. 

    “The benefits to businesses that operate in the green are numerous. Begin with the three R's: reducing, reusing and recycling. Each one cuts costs to varying degrees. Out-green your competition and give yourself a competitive advantage: when your clients and customers are expected to be environmentally aware” in consideration of the supply chain and suppliers.

    The green entrepreneur is driven to serve and can deliver creative new services and products that respond, respect and restore and promote green issues. This drive toward green creates a niche’ for the company and/or entrepreneur.

    “Even though the benefits of going green are attractive, it's not always easy to home in to the initiatives that provide the most efficient green results. Given the massive amounts of information, resources, and programs to assist the entrepreneur in integrating environmental methods into their overall business strategy, it's evident that there really is no right way - or one way - to do it. "Ways" can overlap and the "right way" is actually a mix and match of environmental programs that complement one another, depending on the type of business or service offered.”

    It is factual that going green does not provide a road map. It is organic, intuitive, innovative and determining a focus that delivers impact to the green industry on a small or large scale.  Going green for entrepreneurs is a practice to continually improve on the integration of green every day until a company operates as 100% green.