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    Feature Interview with Dr. Tyra Oldham

    Dr. Tyra Oldham was featured in High Gain "Dr. Tyra Oldham Provides a Look inside the 2012 Content Marketing World Conference" green marketing opportunity.

    The 2012 Content Marketing World Conference provided an outstanding opportunity to look into the innovative future of what content management and marketing has to offer. Fortunately for us, Dr. Tyra Oldham, a partner in Augmentext and an experienced business professional, leader, consultant and educator in sustainability, business and business solutions was in attendance. Given Dr. Oldham’s extensive expertise in knowledge management, organizational development, operations, intercultural communications and relational development, she was a perfect candidate to provide some insight into what took place behind conference doors.


    Attending Content Conference for Managing Information

    September 18, 2012

    Content is important within the anlaytics and business intelligence community. Companies that can effectively manage content within a social media environment will be able to navigate through the waters of brand, value proposition and ROI.


    Dr. Tyra Oldham, CEO of LAND sds and partner in Augmentext attended the the Content Marketing World Conference on the advancement of content in early September in Colulumbus, Ohio.

    We will deliver high value content to our cleints and for ourselves to establish a compettive advantage that will assist us in national and global partnership and sales.


    LAND sds Green Energy Search 

    LAND sds Sustainable Development Solutions released a new technology, "Green Energy Search Engine" to provide search, analytics and intelligence on green, sustainability, renewables and energy from around the world.


    LAND sds Sustainable Development Solutions White Paper

    LAND sds released white paper, Sustainable Development Solutions.



    The First Annual Education Summit 

    Dr. Tyra Oldham, President & CEO of LAND sds engaged as policy leader and facilitator on the topic of Post Secondary Education at the first Educational Summit in Louisville, Kentucky discussing the requirements to increase the effectiveness in education. The three day event was spear headed by Sen. Gerald Neal.