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    Dr. Tyra Oldham Quoted on Advancing Green Technologies

    Written by LAND sds Staff

    August 4, 2011

    LAND sds was highlighted and the CEO, Dr. Tyra Oldham spoke on how green companies can help larger companies succeed in sustainability in the article "Google Pursues a New Advantage: Green Tech".

    High Gain stated,

    "LAND sds pays close attention to innovative ideas that can reduce energy consumption and help trim costs. Google, the search and online advertising giant, is aggressively embracing green systems and methods. We wanted to call your attention to an article by Dr. Tyra Oldham called “The story “How a Small Green Business Can Help Google.” Dr. Tyra Oldham pinpoints the need for large technology copanies to embrace green technologies–but with forethought and planning. Dr. Oldham said, “It’s Ready, Aim, Fire, not Aim, Ready, Fire.”"

    We restate,

    When small companies grow bigger than big the tendency is to overlook the small stuff and get right at the heart of the project.


    Dr. Oldham says about this observation:

    "Green needs leading corporations to advance the power of green such as, Google. Technology companies as a structure are flat, matrices and can build lean teams to advance a product to market. The awareness of greening is necessary the industry and generate synergies across platforms for co-generating energy patterns among small and large complexes. Small businesses leaness operates open source to promote success and reduce costs."

    LAND sds as a WBE and SBE firm providing sustainable engineering can add value to the Googles and large comapnies convert, access and pentrate green  for cost savings, high value roll out and long term success.

    If you need to learn more on green LAND sds provides:


    LAND sds Presents to Local Churches on Energy Efficiency

    July 15, 2011

    LAND sds 'CEO, Dr. Tyra Oldham presents energy efficiency for churches gathered by Senator Eric Kearney in Cincinnati, Ohio with Maryanne McGowan of Duke Energy on July 14, 2011.


    LAND sds Receives Qualifications Update 

    LAND sds is a certified SBE, MBE, and WBE company. As a small dynamic enterprise it is key that we commit to the highest level of communication; therefore, LAND sds received Capability and Qualifications Statement upgrades and update from Arcadia U.S. and MSDGC on July 1, 2011.

    LAND sds seeks to grow 20% this year and is targeting utility, construction and facility sectors.

    The strategy is to grow LAND sds in professional services division in sustainable engineering, green consulting, energy audit and management solutions, IV&V, Retrofit Commissioning and clean energy design and installation within the utilities arena.

    These areas of green services assist organization's in identifying gaps, areas of impact that can reduce cost, provide a return-on-investment, add value and integrate energy, resources and environment to qualify and quantify concerns that effect the bottom line of organizations' today and in the future.


    LAND sds Recieves Review on Green Consulting by High Gain

    The story on "Green Consulting is Changing the Project Space" features LAND sds CEO, Dr. Tyra Oldham. in High Gain on June 30, 2011.

    Dr. Tyra Oldham, CEO of LAND sds offered a quote:

    “Green consultants solve the problem of green beaconing optimizing data, process, systems, resources, design and waste to high value outputs that integrate the dynamic parts of any project to produce lean, collaborative and measureable outcomes.”

    The payoff from a green approach assists in monetizing, assessing and managing the environment, energy, resources, technology, the facility, systems and development rollout to drive value, and ROI for sustainable outcomes.

    Green Consulting is Changing the Project Space


    LAND sds Green Energy and Development Company in China

    LAND sds is recognized in China.

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