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    Cananda Drive Green: Green Hotel

    Green living: Hotels adopt energy-efficient technologies, green practices

    By: Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press

    Exciting news for companies going Green. Cananda is moving forward supporting over 2300 Green Hotels. Co-developers and business partners Tom Rand and Anthony Arts have transformed the 930-square-metre building into a 114-bed hostel with a boutique hotel esthetic that is Green.

    Whay is significant are the extensive green makeovers in the space, dorm-style bunk accommodations for $30 as well as private rooms for $75. This is an extensive retrofit with the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 75 per cent. The retrofit consists of solar photovoltaic panels help power Planet Traveler, while another set of panels, solar thermal, heat the water on-site producing an average of three kilowatts from the solar panels, enough to power two or three standard homes.

    All the lighting is LED. Rooms will be equipped with a vacancy sensor. Building has specialized technology where multiple coils wrap around drainpipes.  But patrons of Planet Traveler will discover there's more to the renovated digs than breathtaking panoramic views of the downtown Toronto skyline: it's being billed as the greenest hotel in North America. They are keeping measurements tracking energy which will be posted online.  Rand believes through education and investment, more businesses can help make such significant green changes a reality, but theyneed to be able to unlock some of the capital in their buildings to do it. On the flip side, Rand said banks need to step up and lend for these kind of retrofits. This process is profitable. "The banks have a role to play here, but at the end of the day, it's education. If building owners knew about it, they may do it."  In the broader hospitality industry, measures are being taken to encourage hoteliers to adopt greener practices. The Hotel Association of Canada Presidernt Tony Pallard spearheads the Green Key Eco-Rating Program, a voluntary initiative.



    Global Green Symposium Speech

    Tyra Oldham, presented at the Green Symposium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She presented the topic "Innovating Green".


    GLI Emerging Business Recognition

    GLI announced in Septemeber and indentified LAND as an Emerging Business in Louisville, Kentucky.  LAND was recognized on October 22, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency.

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