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    LAND sds 2.0

    March 15, 2013


    LAND sds announces new green sustainability news portal on business, energy, architecture and so much more. LAND seeks to synthesize sustainability for our readers and the industry.

    Go to LAND sds Sustainable Voice click here.


    LAND sds Listed in 2013 Book of List

    LAND sds was selected this year in the Book of List as an Environmental and Minority Company.


    Release of Vendor Profiles and Competitive Analyses


    Additional, IDC business vendor and analyst profiles were released covering news on Open Source Search.

    For more information on  our IDC profiles:





    Learn more about Dr. Tyra Oldham and analyses.



    New Mantra for LAND sds Think Sustainably

    September 26, 2012


    LAND sds' new mantra for client and operational engagement is to "THINK SUSTAINABLY" first. As of September 25th it was agreed that to "THINK SUSTAINABLY" will offer a strategic focus to our strategy and consulting practice as we assist our clients to grow sustainably. We at LAND sdslook forward to inviting others to "think Sustainably".



    Feature Interview with Dr. Tyra Oldham

    Dr. Tyra Oldham was featured in High Gain "Dr. Tyra Oldham Provides a Look inside the 2012 Content Marketing World Conference" green marketing opportunity.

    The 2012 Content Marketing World Conference provided an outstanding opportunity to look into the innovative future of what content management and marketing has to offer. Fortunately for us, Dr. Tyra Oldham, a partner in Augmentext and an experienced business professional, leader, consultant and educator in sustainability, business and business solutions was in attendance. Given Dr. Oldham’s extensive expertise in knowledge management, organizational development, operations, intercultural communications and relational development, she was a perfect candidate to provide some insight into what took place behind conference doors.