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LAND sds Celebrating our One Year Anniversary of LANDsds Sustainable Voice News- The NeXuses in March 2014.

LAND sds coverage of Virginia Energy & Sustainability Conference through LANDsds Sustainable News in February.

LAND sds awarded for sustainbaility at the 2013 3E Summit.

LAND sds, Dr. Tyra Oldham released new research presented at KEIC on August 29 called, "Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of Rural to Urban".

Press Release:

Vendor Profiles and competive analyses of companies are realeased by IDC.

LAND sds - Sustainable Development Solutions White Papers 


-Tyra Oldham, CEO of LAND sds new brain child is LAND sds the company's voice on green, energy, tech, inclusion and more. Oldham said, LAND is producing "synthesis" in our industry. 

-LAND sds listed in the 2013 Book of List for Environmental Consulting and Minority Firms in January 2013.

-Announcement on October 24, 2012: LAND sds is changing LANDcast. LAND sds' podcast on Green News from around the world is meeting the social media palate by streamlining world news and information that our listeners can digest quickly an on the go.

-LAND sds Sustainable Development Solutions released a new technology to support green industry. Search is becoming more important in the world of Big Data. LAND sds "Green Energy Search Engine" search tool can strengthen the analytics and intelligence on green, sustainability, renewables and energy from around the world.

-LAND sustainable development solutions (sds) was referenced in the High Gain article to discuss LAND sds SUSTAINABLE  DEVELOMENT SOLUTIONS WHITE PAPER.

-LAND sds' CEO, Dr. Tyra Oldham has been selected to the City of Cincinnati' s Green Cincinnati Green Update Plan Steering Committee. We are honored to serve the City of Cincinnati.

-LAND sds Sustainable Development Solutions White Paper was released, June 8, 2012 to promote sustainable change for organizations and government to define their competitive advantage and ROI.