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    LAND sds and Oldham Invited to Indiana 2025

    December 6 was day of Indiana's 2025, hosted by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce on four drivers Outstanding Talent, Attractive Business Climate, Superior Infrastructure adn Dynamic & Creative Culture.  Dr. Oldham, ceo of LAND sds was invited to participate in this event of Indiana's leadership.


    Next Release of IDC Vendor Profile in Open Source Search

    November 27, 2012


    The next release of the vendor profile: Elasticsearch: An Open Source Search Option for Big Data  with Tyra Oldham as co-author with Stephen E. Arnold is released by "Dave Schubmehl, Research Manager for IDC's Search, Content Analytics and Discovery research."

    Nov 2012 - Doc # 237410      Vendor Profile 

    "This IDC Vendor Profile examines the capabilities of the Elasticsearch technology and also the business aspects of Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch has positioned itself as a scalable distributed enterprise search system for Big Data search ..."
    In Beyond Search, Arnold stated the importance of "the business value of ElasticSearch in the highly volatile, increasingly crowded market for search systems based on open source technology. Already published in the multi-part research series are analyses of AttivioLucidWorks, and PolySpot. Unlike the cheerleading on free blogs and developer forums, the IDC analyses cost $3,500 per report. IDC customers have access to the analyses, but should check with their IDC account manager to determine if access is permitted under their subscription plan."




    IDC Report on Company Profile and Tyra Oldham as Contributor 

    You have the opportunity to obtain an exclusive document of ccorporate profiles in open search source an insight into technologies sustainable companies.


    Attivio: Unified Information Access on a Solid Search Base
    Aug 2012   Doc # 236514   Vendor Profile  

    Printed Page Length: 11 pages


    By: Constance Ard, David Schubmehl, Tyra Oldham, Stephen E. Arnold, Susan Feldman


    Profiles can be purchased through IDC.


    This IDC Vendor Profile spotlights Attivio, a unified information access vendor. Attivio offers cloud-based and on-premises information access software, its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), that combines search and business intelligence features. AIE is built on Lucene-based universal index for flexibility, scalability, and agility. The company is privately held and founded by search industry veterans. This Vendor Profile is part of IDC's open source search series.

    IDC Opinion | In This Vendor Profile | Situation Overview | Future Outlook | Essential Guidance | Learn More

    Dr. Tyra Oldham Presents at 3E Summit on Energy Economy & Environment 


    Presented by: Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds, Management Consulting & Strategy Firm in Sustainability, Energy and Efficiency.

    Presentation Overview:

    "In today's world the challenge is to find efficiencies to grow your business sustainably. How do small-to-midsize businesses grow in a resource demanding world? A critical component to sustainability is having "good data" to lead the way to efficiencies, partnerships and determining the most necessary actions in cost conscious times."




    Dr. Tyra Oldham Provides a Look inside the 2012 Content Marketing World Conference


    September 18th, 2012 | Posted by admin in content marketing | Green technology | small business

    The Content Marketing World Conference took place September 4th through 6th at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. This year’s convention played host to over 1000 of the best and the brightest content marketing professionals from around the world.

    Over 20 countries were in attendance to either promote their content analysis products or share their thoughts on content analytics, strategy and marketing. Some of the biggest names in the industry were in attendance, including; Google, SAS, Qualcomm, Aon, IBM, Deloitte, UBM, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, CME Group and the University of Phoenix.

    The 2012 Content Marketing World Conference provided an outstanding opportunity to look into the innovative future of what content management and marketing has to offer. Fortunately for us, Dr. Tyra Oldham, a partner in Augmentext and an experienced business professional, leader, consultant and educator in sustainability, business and business solutions was in attendance. Given Dr. Oldham’s extensive expertise in knowledge management, organizational development, operations, intercultural communications and relational development, she was a perfect candidate to provide some insight into what took place behind conference doors.

    clip_image002 Dr. Oldham graciously set aside some time to share the knowledge she gained from the 2012 conference with HighGain:

    What drew you to the Content Marketing World Conference this year?

    As a content marketing professional it was important to invest our time in Content Marketing World so that we could do our first look and become associated with the venue and the conference. As a sustainability professional in the Content Marketing (CM) field, CM is a green method and process for content management and development that reduces waste, CO2 emission and benefits the ecosystem. CM is green, and in the business world a communication dream for those who understand the direct benefit.

    Did you have an opportunity to attend any of the workshops? How were they most beneficial?

    Yes, I attended. There were a variety of tracks, nine total. The sessions were well attended, offering direct information that could be leveraged, integrated or weighed against your own process.

    What were the top five ideas during the conference that you feel will most impact content management in the near future?

    The top five ideas are as follows:

    1. Content is needed to establish knowledge and control brand in the growing sea of information.
    2. Content is growing yet many do not understand the benefits and value proposition
    3. Companies need content marketing to enhance their current marketing and public relations efforts.
    4. Content can become the next wave of communication and thought leadership but it will take a smart reader to discern fact from fiction.
    5. Elite content marketing companies such as, Augmentext will have to post proof of their mastery against the lower cost and lower value Content Marketing companies.

    Were there any new content management products presented that you feel will stand out among the platforms currently available?

    Yes, the analytics content marketing solutions are toddlers in the beginning stages holding promise to support the dearth of content that is being published. Their role will hold the next steps to mastering the mechanics.

    Marketing content management can be difficult with all the competition in the industry. What is the most beneficial marketing tip you’d like to pass on to those facing that challenge?

    I suggest whole heartedly locating and selecting a CM on your team that understands your field that can maintain a sound process over time. At the end of the day the client cannot manage all the content dispersed so your CM’s ability to efficiently deliver strong content quantity, within a quality control process is key to the CM relationship.

    From the perspective of what you learned at the conference, what do you see as the most relevant upcoming trend in the content marketing industry for B2B?

    The most relevant new trend is what I asked Google, Sam Sebastian during his session, “How will predictive search affect the nature of content and content streaming?” Further, the use of mobile applications will have a strong influence on how content is delivered, read and loaded for accessibility and utility.

    Google’s Sam Sebastian was a key speaker. Since they are a key player in the content industry, what ideas did Google have for content management and marketing?

    Google spoke to relevance of devices, as well as the growth in content.

    Can you give us an idea of what developers are doing to create a more user friendly interface for businesses and consumers?

    Some of the success stories spoke of using content indirectly to give consumers interest focused content that leads to sales. The importance behind this method is that your staff has to have the ability to churn interest and be consumer centric with the technological prowess to promote their clients effectively.

    As a professional in the industry, can you reflect on any innovative new ideas that stood out during the conference for creating, managing and delivering content?

    What rose to the top were the vast amounts of content professionals in this field shifting from the SEO paradigm to the CM process. The key critical piece is to have a structured content program and understanding that supports the requirements of customer/client – “You” have to choose the best CM for your team or company that enables CM success. This decision will produce better value proposition, brand strategy and long-term ROI for success.

    As far as analytic tools, was there any insight into new tools to help manage, distribute and market content?

    Yes, there were tools available. I was able to review many of the tools available but with any tool certain foibles surface. These tools are in the development stage and can offer the client utility but as content is mastered and the requirements and demand for content change these tools may be considered obsolete, ineffective, and demand reconfiguration and/or upgrading. We will have to watch.

    After attending this conference, what professional advice would you give to businesses looking for better ways to engage the consumer?

    The best advice is in a world of informatics, analytics, big data and the web; companies need a savvy CM that can help them navigate their specific content through the stream of content options that is active or static. We prefer to augment and amplify and give the client more than they need to suppress the competition and uplift their brand for recognition.

    The buzz phrase ‘dynamic content marketing’ has been referenced. Can you provide us a little enlightenment on the difference between dynamic content marketing and content marketing?

    Dynamic content is active. Dynamic content is video for example that provides the customer the opportunity to listen, see and sometimes interact.

    This changes the playing field for the client as to how they will engage their content solutions.

    You had the opportunity to listen to the best of the best in the industry. If you could share one bit of wisdom from each day, what would it be?

    The most important take away was offered by Mitch Joel that suggested the consideration of linear data and how it coincides with the human perspective. As I have worked in this field this becomes the quintessential push-and-pull of producing great and relevant content.

    Content is here to stay. The question is how and whom will lead the way to become the symbolic best practice standard barrier to lead the field. Content has released the pedestal of where news remained for so long leaving the reader detached from the content itself. CM provides the reader and the producer the ability to synthesize information for meaning that clarifies and brings knowledge and intelligence into the stream of information moment-by-moment. The beauty of content marketing is that it is continuous and can meet the needs of the customer as close to real time. CM is responsive and meets various budgets where advertising was for the big boys and gals pitch specific and unobtainable for many. CM offers constant pitches that deliver robust independent messages overtime.

    Augmentext is a powerful tool to promote companies, products, brand names and team members in today’s busy online world. This platform was developed by ArnoldIT, the internationally renowned consulting firm overseen by noted author and lecturer Stephen E. Arnold. Augmentext offers their clients higher visibility, level of interest and increased potential customer inquiries by utilizing professional writers and researchers to contribute targeted content in the industry.

    Jennifer Shockley, September 18, 2012

    Sponsored by, developer of Augmentext