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    LAND sds Tyra Oldham Released Sustainable Research on Rural and Urban Connection

    August 30, 2013

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    Dr. Tyra Oldham, LAND sds released research "Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of Rural to Urban" connectivity at the KENTUCKY INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE (KIEC). The study reviews how the lack of connectivity between rural cites and urban centers cause instability and lower state performance. It highlights lack of synthesis in states that are in danger of economic downturns in part but collectively have an effect on new energy adoption, technological growth and global competitiveness, as well as the ability to manage changing energy and resource prices. The attention to income groups and financial rating is influential to economic development, while infrastructural shifts the ability to acquire capital for expansion and the attraction of new workers/residents that bring innovation. The paper concludes by identifying the advantages for cities to assess their ecosystems and the importance of its performance on state-wide sustainability.