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    Next Release of IDC Vendor Profile in Open Source Search

    November 27, 2012


    The next release of the vendor profile: Elasticsearch: An Open Source Search Option for Big Data  with Tyra Oldham as co-author with Stephen E. Arnold is released by "Dave Schubmehl, Research Manager for IDC's Search, Content Analytics and Discovery research."

    Nov 2012 - Doc # 237410      Vendor Profile 

    "This IDC Vendor Profile examines the capabilities of the Elasticsearch technology and also the business aspects of Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch has positioned itself as a scalable distributed enterprise search system for Big Data search ..."
    In Beyond Search, Arnold stated the importance of "the business value of ElasticSearch in the highly volatile, increasingly crowded market for search systems based on open source technology. Already published in the multi-part research series are analyses of AttivioLucidWorks, and PolySpot. Unlike the cheerleading on free blogs and developer forums, the IDC analyses cost $3,500 per report. IDC customers have access to the analyses, but should check with their IDC account manager to determine if access is permitted under their subscription plan."